Remodeling tips for small kitchens

Remodeling tips for small kitchens

Interested in doing your own small kitchen remodel in Chicago? Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to make a small kitchen feel more spacious and luxurious. With just a few simple changes, you can enjoy a completely different experience cooking and hosting guests in your home. These remodeling tips can transform any galley kitchen, whether you're living in the suburbs or a high-rise condo. 

Use Incandescent Lighting

Most kitchens feature some sort of fluorescent lighting. This isn't a bad thing, as fluorescent lights are effective and offer great visibility. However, the bluish glow of these lights can be a little intense. You can balance out the intensity of fluorescent lights by adding a more yellowish incandescent light somewhere in the space. Your incandescent lights could be pendant lights hanging up above or even under your cabinets to light up your countertops.

Incorporate Glass Elements

Glass is a fantastic way of making your kitchen feel more open. You could swap your current cabinet doors for glass or add a glass counter or tabletop. By incorporating more see-through elements, your kitchen will feel more spacious. Mirrors have a similar effect, as they create more negative space. You could add a mirror into your backsplash or elsewhere in the kitchen. 

Downsize Your Appliances

Crowding up your counter space doesn't just make it difficult to prepare meals, it also makes your kitchen look even smaller. You can free up your counters by prioritizing size and function with your appliances. You can purchase more scaled-down versions of several appliances, including microwaves and toasters. You could also swap out your stove for a smaller model with two burners instead of four.

Paint With Bold Colors

Some people balk at the idea of using bold colors in tight spaces. However, bold colors can actually be even more suited to smaller spaces than larger ones. Pastels have been known to make rooms feel more open, but you'll get even better results if you balance these pastels with some fun pops of color. This could take the form of orange cabinets or even bright red appliances!

Add Open Shelving

Adding some open shelving, or replacing a cabinet with open shelving, does wonders in making your kitchen more spacious. This small kitchen design idea is popular for a reason. Creating open shelving is relatively straightforward, affordable, and can be incorporated into the tightest spaces. They also don't obstruct the natural light coming through your kitchen windows, making everything appear brighter and more welcoming. 

JATES Does Small Kitchen Remodels in Chicago

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You can count on JATES to bring your dream kitchen to life, no matter how small a space we're working with. If you have any questions about our services or would like to request a quote, please don't hesitate to email, call (331) 442-4217, or complete our online form.