Upgrade your Outdoor Living Space with Chicago’s Expert Roof Deck Builders

Upgrade your Outdoor Living Space with Chicago’s Expert Roof Deck Builders

The team at JATES Remodeling and Construction have been providing residents of the Chicagoland area with peaceful, outdoor havens for over thirty years. Living in a city has major perks, but let’s face it. Often, our homes have a smaller outdoor footprint. Since space is at a premium, homeowners must get creative and take advantage of the existing areas they already have.

Building a rooftop deck on your home is a fairly easy way to add value to your house, while getting to enjoy a bit of the outdoors. From entertaining and dining al fresco, to urban gardening, or simply enjoying the sunshine and fresh air, outdoor living is highly sought after.

Below, we’ll discuss some of the major benefits to adding a roof deck to your home.

Raise the Roof: Perks to Building a Rooftop Deck

  • Extended Living Space

Perhaps the best value of adding a roof deck to your home is the added square footage of living space. You can utilize this space in a number of ways includings: lounges, dining areas, and entertaining spaces with an outdoor TV and wetbar.

While outdoor space is not included in the internal home square footage, it does still add value to a home.

  • The View

The Chicago skyline is a sight to behold. Imagine taking in uninterrupted views of those towering buildings from the privacy of your own terrace. Rooftop decks are a great way to showcase your home’s location by providing stunning views of the city skyline, a neighborhood park, or water views.

  • An Outdoor Garden

From creating your own herb garden, to adding interesting flowers and plants, adding a roof deck to your home allows you to expand the impact of your green thumb. You can add planters and flower pots to really transform the place into your own secret garden. Some people even grow whole vegetable gardens on their rooftops!

  • A Year-round Oasis

In the summer months, we see a huge increase in demand for clients updating or adding to their outdoor living spaces. With the warm weather, extended evening sunlight, and summer holidays, it makes a lot of sense. But roof decks are not seasonal, and in fact, many are enjoyed year-round. Imagine cozying up with a blanket, a cup of eggnog, and a roaring outdoor fire, as you watch the city lights during the winter months. Sounds ideal, right?

From pergolas in the summer to fireplaces for a crisp fall evening, there are many accessories you can add to make enjoying your roof deck a year-round activity.

The Logistics

Building a rooftop deck can be slightly more elaborate than a traditional, ground floor patio. There are a lot of components to look at when building a rooftop deck, so it is imperative that you work with professionals to ensure the building is structurally sound and the project goes smoothly.

Ready to get building?

With over thirty years of residential and commercial remodeling and construction experience, you’ll know your roof deck project is in good hands with JATES.

If you are looking for local, Chicago-based roof deck builders, or have any other home or commercial improvement projects, please get in touch with us today for a free project consultation and estimate.